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The Casares Costa multi-use building begins to take shape


The architect drafting the nursery centre, which will be located on the ground floor of this new facility, has presented a preview of what this Nursery School will be like.

The new building allocates the upper floor to house the multipurpose area that will serve as a meeting place for the residents of Casares Costa, which also expands the space for workshops and activities that are currently being carried out in the offices in Marina de Casares. This room has a floorspace of 250 m² distributed in three rooms equipped with folding panels that turn the space into a completely open-plan area.

A glass enclosure that surrounds the entire building allows you to take advantage of natural light and views of the exterior gardens. It also has a system of adjustable vertical slats, which fulfill a double function; on the one hand, that of security, as well as being able to darken the interior so that the room can host projections.

This facility is, according to the Mayor, very necessary to allow the coastal community to continue growing. According to Carrasco, the location of this building in the Arroyo Parrilla area complements the social and educational facilities that Casares Costa requires in a natural and open-air environment that is fully accessible.

Regarding the ground floor, which will house the Casares Costa nursery next year, the Council has taken into account that the project meets the requirements to be a self-contained centre, that is, to house a nursery with three classrooms from zero to three years of age.

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