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Saint George Charity acknowledged in I Manilva Awards


The CIVIMA Wine Centre in Manilva was the scene for the presentation of the first “Manilva Awards”.

The aim of the Awards is to recognize people, entities, communities, clubs or associations whose initiatives or projects are focussed on areas of solidarity, entrepreneurship and honour.

The Award for Solidarity was awarded to “To the People of Manilva”, for the solidarity shown in the fight against the pandemic.

Among the people and associations acknowledged in the award was the ‘Duquesa Charitable Society of St George’ whose ‘Food Bank’ campaign, coordinated by the Saint George Charity’s Secretary and Shop Manager, Judith Beaumont, supported up to 150 people with food, medicines and other essentials through the most difficult days of lockdown.

This couldn’t have been done without the support of a huge number of people and businesses from the local community who are too many to mention, but include:. Those people who donated cash and food; those from the hospitality industry who, despite their own difficulties, generously provided cooked meals; the local entertainers who raised money through online events; the supermarkets and shops who collaborated with collection points and discounts; all the volunteers who once again proved what a great bunch they are; and everyone else who make it possible for the Saint George Charity to help so many people in these trying times.

The Charity’s President, Dean Shelton, was on hand to receive the Certificate on behalf of the Duquesa Charitable Society of St George.

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