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Estepona recognises the work of Caritas Diocesana and Jacqueline Brossier


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The Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, has presented the XV Estepona Social and Solidarity Awards to Cáritas Diocesana and to the volunteer Jacqueline Brossier.

Each year the Town Hall recognizes the social work carried out by groups and individuals who serve the most vulnerable members of the community. These honours are awarded through a voting system by the volunteers of the various associations and charities that are part of the Local Volunteer Council.

In regard to the winners, García Urbano has highlighted the constant work of Cáritas Diocesana in helping those most in need in the town and the spirit of dedication of all its volunteers. In the same way, he has also valued Jacqueline Brossier’s altruistic and caring dedication, as well as her incessant work of collaboration with various local associations which she has been supporting and helping for years.

In this edition, mentions were also given to María José Brenes for her solidarity work during confinement through the distribution of medical supplies to health centres and nursing homes and to Dario Tentoni, Ana Carmen Valle Sánchez, María de los Ángeles Corrales Soto and Idelfonso Abril Tirado for his work in the social kitchen, especially during these months of pandemic. Luisa Reyes Naranjo was also posthumously recognized for her work for years as a caretaker at the ‘Entre Todos’ Social Centre.

Disponible en: | Available in: Español

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