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Estepona presents the draft project for the new cultural and recreational area


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Estepona Council has presented the preliminary project, carried out by the Malaga architect and town planner Salvador Moreno Peralta, for the development and the construction of a unique socio-cultural facility, featuring a commercial and recreational area, which will be developed on Avenida de España, next to the Lighthouse.

This development will integrate this privileged area by the sea with the town centre, highlighting one of the main axes of the municipality and making it possible to create a balcony by the sea that will become a new tourist attraction.

A large open pedestrian area will be created in this section in front of the Pescadores neighborhood, with public squares and staggered parks between the avenue and the current promenade, connecting with the port from La Rada beach and through the El Faro gardens. All this, with a continuous balcony towards the sea and the La Rada beach.

The project will be developed, basically, under the slope next to Avenida España avenue, taking advantage of the different levels to the promenade and the beach, thereby connecting the town with the sea and locating commercial and restaurant premises in this area.

At the same time, a lookout tower will become a multipurpose space for social and cultural uses that will allow, among them, a library, an exhibition hall, a music conservatory or classrooms; being, likewise, an exceptional element due to its design and functionality.

Disponible en: | Available in: Español


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