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Christmas, but not as we know it


This year the Coronavirus draws us to a Christmas totally different from the ones that we are used to on the Costa del Sol. The general uncertainty that affects society in every way, is going to play a big role at this time of year that has always had a very special character. But anyway you have to keep your spirits up and not lower your guard, as the jolly Covid-19 is very present in our lives.

The children are already beginning to ask those awkward questions,. “Daddy, how will Santa Claus and the Three Kings come if you can’t go to other places?” And as the days go by, doubts in children’s minds will increase as will the difficulties for their parents in giving answers. And the fact is that children, although we do not realize it on many occasions, due to the rhythm of life we ​​lead, are aware of what’s going on in the house and in the wider world. They listen to things, talk with friends (from a distance), watch TV and draw their own conclusions.

Sometimes they discuss it with parents, but at other times they keep quiet, and of course, the typical question is to know how they are going to bring the gifts to their homes this year, and what will they receive. And that’s where your answer should be imaginitive, a magical answer, because aren’t Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men magical? You can explain that, in order not to endanger people due to the pandemic, they will begin to send the gifts in groups from their headquarters in Lapland and Arabia, so that the children, when they wake up, see that they have not been forgotten.

It is a good idea to raise awareness that perhaps this year they will not come as loaded as in past years “transporting gifts from one place to another is very expensive for them now, and if they bring too many gifts, they run out of magic and thus fail to deliver to everyone. Therefore, so that no child is left without them, there will be fewer gifts”.

‘Online shopping’ is the way forward this year where it is difficult to get to the shops, so online gifts for friends and family so that you can have them delivered directly to those that you cannot visit in time for the holiday

We find ourselves cut off from loved ones, so it’s time to modernise and begin to use the hundreds of apps on your mobile or computer which, along with a webcam, give you the opportunity for face-to-face conversations. Get in the Christmas spirit with a rendition of ‘White Christmas’ or the traditional ‘Arre borriquito’ played on the tambourine can become magical and raise the spirits.

There will be many more video calls between loved ones this Christmas as we continue to use this valuable means of contact that millions adopted during lockdown.

Stay with this thought, this year we have gotten to know each other more, but next year I will know you even better. Moral: Did you think that Santa Claus and the Magi had not already thought “How do we save Christmas?” Don’t worry, they have it all planned. I believe in Christmas and in humanity, despite everything.


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