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Casares shows new image in the light of the moon


The nocturnal image of the Casares castle site has been transforming in recent weeks thanks to the renovation work of the illuminations that the Council is carrying out.

The Councillor for Infrastructure, Antonia Pineda, explained that an improvement plan “has begun with the enhancement of the hilltop to highlight the entire historical-artistic complex”.

The works being carried out by council workers have begun with the installation of fifteen white light bulbs on the slopes that surround the wall, offering a daylight effect to highlight the walled enclosure from different points, and which can be seen from the Puerto de la Cruz area and soon it will also be visible from the Puerto de Ronda.

The project also includes the development of the lighting inside the enclosure with led lamps which will continue to spotlight the Blas Infante Cultural Centre and other elements of the Castle grounds, for which other shades of white light will be used in order to give depth to the castle complex.


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