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There are many things with which we can substitute the sugar in our diet


From a simple point of view it is true that excessive consumption of sugar is not very healthy for the human body, but in many cases our palate says otherwise. So much so that there are studies that indicate theories that it makes us change our mood or when we are physically depleted we should take a recommended amount of sugar. Something that would seem logical.

Will it be possible to completely do without added sugars? We just don’t need it. What is not so simple is to stop enjoying those sweets that we see when we go shopping, the buns, muffins, cakes or those that we prepare at home.

Today you have to be careful with what you find on Social Networks. In my research on them I have found several recipes and tips on how to replace Sugar in a very simple way. By trying a healthier way of preparing dishes and knowing more is what leads us to say that it can be substituted for traditional sugar, giving a perfect result to our homemade sweets.

I leave you with a curiosity, which I have also tried myself. The banana and I tell you, let’s eat our very ripe Canary ‘platanos’, it works as a substitute for Sugar ina number of desserts, but here are some other alternatives:

Cane sugar

As a substitute for sugar, it is not the healthiest. It is a partially refined sugar that preserves part of the molasses

Coconut sugar

Coconut Sugar is obtained by heating the fresh juice of the coconut flower. It tastes like caramel and is very pleasant

Whole cane sugar

To obtain it, the canes are chopped, crushed and a juice is obtained that thickens and crystallizes by heating it carefully.

Stevia leaves

In herbodiethetics there is the leaf powder or the dry extract. According to analysis, it is 80 times sweeter than sugar, but it does not provide calories and helps control blood glucose.

Molasses and Panela

They are made from sugarcane (or beet) juice that is discarded in the production of refined sugar. They contain minerals and antioxidant substances from cane, but not in nutritionally significant proportions.

Agave Syrup

This is obtained by heating blue agave or sisal juice. The result is a syrup made up mostly of fructose and some Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium. It is only recommended in small amounts due to its richness in fructose.

Rice molasses

This sweetener is made from fermented brown rice. It has a texture and consistency similar to that of honey, but with a considerably lower sweetening power. Although it contains sugar, it is much healthier than refined white sugar.

Fruit syrups

Their sucrose and fructose content is high. A homemade fruit juice has 10-15% sugars; in syrup they are concentrated and higher. In malted ce-real syrups, the fructose concentration is lower and they are more re-commended.

Yacon Syrup

Yacón is a tuber that grows in the Peruvian Andes. From this root a syrup is extracted, not as sweet as Sugar or Honey, but with half the calories. It contains a very low glycemic index and significant proportions of minerals. As you can see, there are many alternatives we have to sweeten our dishes without the use of Sugar, now it’s up to you to decide.


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