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The local police to start enforcing the new regulations on personal mobility vehicles


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Several municipalities have ordered their Local Police officers to enforce the new regulations for the circulation of Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP) that entered into force nationally on January 2 among the most important measures are the prohibition to drive through pedestrian areas and at more than 25 kilometers per hour.

Scooters until now were considered as a toy but with the new regulations they are now classed as a vehicle and therefore the Local Police has, as a part of its functions, the requirement to control this type of means of transport.

The regulations are being applied in various municipalities, initially informing people what they can or cannot do, but there are a range of fines in those cases that warrant them.

The new regulation establishes that scooters and other personal mobility vehicles cannot be driven using a mobile phone or wearing headphones, penalizing both cases with a fine that could exceed 200 euros.

In addition, scooters are designed for a single person, with a fine of 100 euros in the event of carrying a passenger.

Drivers are required to undergo alcohol and drug tests, the penalties being the same as those established for anyone who drives a vehicle, if it is positive.

When driving at night, the scooters must have some type of lighting or the rider must wear a reflective vest, under threat of a fine of 200 euros.

The use of these vehicles does not require a license, administrative authorization or mandatory insurance, in principle, and there is no minimum age for driving, although if the offenders are under 18 years of age, the legal guardians will be the ones who will be responsible for any sanctions.

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