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The local government is more united than ever to face a 2021 full of projects for the municipality


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Mario Jiménez, the Mayor of Manilva, wants to start the year of 2021 with a message of hope, and he assures us that “although we have just experienced a difficult year for everyone, we have to be able to send a message of strength to all residents, and to affirm the common objectives of this government team, which is undoubtedly the best team of people to work for the interests of the public.”

The Mayor wanted to thank each and every one of his councillors for their work “in times like these we have had to give clear and determined responses to the public.”

Jiménez highlights the political stability that exists in the municipality, something that he assures “has made it possible to face this health, economic and social crisis with total decisiveness, transparency and commitment” and is “convinced that 2021 will be a good year for everyone”.

The Mayor is hopeful that the important projects for the future of the municipality, such as the remodeling of the Paseo Marítimo in Sabinillas and others in which the Town Hall will continue to push for their final resolution, such as the regeneration of Playa del Castillo, the Guardia Civil HQ, the pathway between Manilva and Sabinillas or the future entrance to the industrial estate, “will be the necessary boost that the local economy needs.”

Mario Jiménez, together with the Councillor for Infrastructure and Works, Diego José Jiménez, showed “an extraordinary harmony” in an interview broadcast in the public media, to take stock of the year.

They carried out a general review of the local news, highlighting the municipal investment in schools, with a figure of € 630,000 for the expansion of the Sabinillas School and also highlighting the improvements in the children’s centres of Manilva, Sabinillas and El Castillo, as well as in the Maicandil and Pablo Picasso schools.

Diego José Jiménez highlighted, in the course of his speech, “the work carried out in Calles Benito, Cuartel, Álvarez Leiva, Peñoncillo road, the Martagina area, Calle de los Pintores, the road resurfacing in El Castillo and other works that ensure “They are notably improving the infrastructure of the municipality.”

In the field of Culture, both leaders are very clear that “the sites are a tourist and historical attraction even worldwide, due to their wealth”, and for this reason they assure “very soon the enhancement of the archaeological site next to the Castle, in addition to continuing to promote the Alcorrín Bronze Age site”.

The School of Music project adds to the clear objective of promoting Culture and this school, a benchmark in the province, will very soon be located “in a more modern space more in line with what its teachers and students need”, say the two leaders of the political formations (Compromiso Manilva and PSOE) that together with the PP make up the local government.

The local government is also strongly committed to the environment and therefore they ensure that “the path between Manilva and Sabinillas, is another of the projects for which we are strongly committed”.

Both Mario Jiménez and Diego José Jiménez want to send residents “a message of prudence to the population to continue complying with health regulations” despite the appearance of the Covid-19 vaccine, but also optimism “So that as soon as possible we can resume our lives as we knew it and enjoy our families, friends and environment with health and prosperity.”

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