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The digital is a big part of our lives


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For a few years now, digital technology has become more than a presence in our lives. Rather, it has “invaded” us because now there is practically nothing that cannot be managed or moved digitally. This means that in many areas of life in this coming year, as well as the complications of living with the Pandemic, more and more we are required to cope with a digital revolution.

Every time we engage with such a demanding society, no matter how old we are, more and more often we are required to do so digitally and online. And having seen it for myself, we will all have to be well prepared to live more and more in this virtual environment,

For example, at Christmas parties it has always been the custom to send greetings by mail. A custom that has sadly been lost. The postman already brings you other types of less pleasant correspondence than the popular and traditional Christmas wishes. In this very complicated and difficult year that we have just said goodbye to, we have dedicated ourselves to looking for Christmas and New Year greetings to send by email (via PC) or via mobile phone. Many letters have even been sent virtually to the Three Kings asking for their gifts.

Yes readers, nor handwritten. The flavour and tradition of sending a handwritten letter to their Majesties the Kings of the East is sadly being lost. A letter that was always received and that generations and generations have believed in. In these current times we are seeing how that “magic” has been lost and has been “colder” than in previous years. From my point of view, a shame, but these are the times in which we live.

Not everything virtual is a negative though. Due to the health pandemic, we have discovered Zoom as a system for holding meetings and conversations, both private and personal. It has surprised me in a good way, but we are getting into some surreal situations. I couldn’t hide my amazement when I could see how virtual New Year’s Eve parties have been held as well as video meals. I hope that nobody has soaked their phone or mobile when popping the champagne during a Zoom party … and I hope that, at least, the twelve grapes were real and you have downed them one by one, and without choking to shout “Happy New Year”.

And now the Three Wise Men come like every January 5 and 6 with their unique magic, no matter how old we are. Somewhere I have seen that they will also be virtual … Due to the Coronavirus there will be no riding in on horseback, but no one will miss the hopes and dreams of a better year. It will be strange not to “fight” for sweets in the street and not hear the cries of the children when they see the Kings, but health comes above all.

That positive spirit of 2021 is what I look forward to in the new year and what I wish for all of you. The year 2020, thank goodness, is now consigned to history … but to be updated because the virtual world has already taken over.

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