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Manilva delays the remodeling works to the promenade, so as not to impact local economy business


The Local Government Team, in light of the current situation, is to delay the remodeling works to the Paseo Marítimo in Sabinillas “so as not to harm the business sector, as this would make access difficult and that both the paseo and the surrounding areas would be difficult to access by customers “.

This is one of the agreements adopted in the council session held today in which the retirement after 36 years of Francisco Luque Ruiz, Chief of the Local Police of Manilva, was officially recognised.

Both the mayor, Mario Jiménez, as well as all the spokespersons for the political groups that make up the municipal council, had words of thanks for the Francisco, who received a commemorative plaque.

Several issues related to local urban planning were moved forward unanimously, such as the demarcation of “Manilva New Golf”, the detailed study at Camping Chullera II, the final approval of the project and building license for actions of public interest.

An important point was the approval of the Regulatory Ordinance of the procedure for granting Economic Aid of a Social Nature, which involves having a working tool in legal support.

The government team supported the motion presented by Izquierda Unida regarding the proposal to the Central Government and the Junta de Andalucía regarding sustainable mobility and that our municipality be part of a railway line that would connect Manilva with both Algeciras and Malaga. A transportation service that would improve tourism, the economy and security.


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