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Manilva contributes to the Jerusalema World Dance Challenge phenomenon


In recent weeks Manilva has been the setting for the production of a dance video, part of the Jerusalema World Dance Challenge, a social media phenomenon in which people around the world are sharing videos of themselves dancing to the hit song Jerusalema by South African musician Master KG, featuring the voice of South African songstress Nomcebo.

We hope you enjoy Manilva’s contribution to the world that has become one under the song and dance of “Jerusalema”.

Here in Manilva, the aim was to create and send out a message of hope, well-being and positive energy to the world whilst at the same time promoting this beautiful and unique corner of it.

The video opens with the sun rising over the Mediterranean Sea and some of the oldest and most southerly grape vines in Europe where wine is still produced and can be enjoyed to this day. Then we visit various social, cultural and commercial areas of the municipality including Sabinillas, El Castillo, Manilva Pueblo, Puerto de la Duquesa and Monte Duquesa. We finish off by dancing as the sun sets over the hills of Cadiz, from El Tabano in the Manilva countryside.

If you look to the left-hand side of the screen at around 4min21sec of the video we salute the African coast, and the continent where the dance and music of Master KG & Nomcebo originated, with Gibraltar also clearly visible.


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