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Manilva cleaning department restores the use of underground containers and begins the year with a clear commitment


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The new cleaning service that will come into operation following the awarding of the contract for reinforcement services, will see an on-call team that allows a quick reaction to cleaning emergencies, or to carry out immediate actions in various situations, 365 days a year, with 24-hour availability.

This service will add to the collection of refuse from containers that to date were in disuse, such as some of the underground containers that have now been put back into operation by the Town Council, and the local government is continuing to take steps so that the Cleaning Service, headed by Councillor Paqui López, can achieve the  levels of quality that the public requires and demands.

In the past few days, the bids have been opened for the reinforcement of the service, which will be evaluated by  municipal technicians.

The successful company will, together with the Cleaning Department, be responsible for ensuring that the municipality of Manilva is kept clean and presents the best of images.

The support service will complement the municipal equipment, personnel and technical resources for the collection of domestic waste, street cleaning and waste treatment.

This support will involve the collection, transport and delivery of household waste, the collection of waste from street markets, recovery of dead animals, bulky waste, fly tipping, waste at fairs and parties.

As for street cleaning, work will be done on the roads, green areas, public spaces, pedestrian areas, footpaths and roadsides, eliminating oils, greases, waxes, gum, and the washing and scrubbing of public roads.

Likewise, a service will also be provided in school playgrounds and in sports facilities and children’s play areas located in parks and on the beaches.

Disponible en: | Available in: Español


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