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Great work by CD Manilva Basket Base squad


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It is not easy to fight for Sport in municipalities like Manilva, where due to population density you have a handicap compared to Estepona, Marbella or the Campo de Gibraltar. This and the distance from the Malaga capital motivate us to highlight and praise the great work that CD Manilva Basket Base has been doing for basketball. An organisation that has been chaired by Rafael Mena for just over three years and that is achieving very good results on the court against the “giants” of the area.

Around 150 boys and girls belong to the club. And not only from the Manilva municipality but even from La Linea. The great work of the directive is backed up by the trainers. Its coordinator is Javier Montañez, a big name in the sport of basketball. With “sello” Maristas Málaga and learning in the CB Unicaja squad. Successes have followed him in recent times, to the point of having been chosen as the best Andalucian coach of the year in 2016. And he is a regular member of the technical staff of the Spanish Under-15 Team.

CD Manilva Basket Base has been in the federated sport since 2007, where they took over from the previous existing club in the municipality. At the moment they manage 8 teams in the federated official categories, from Pre-mini-Basket to juniors. And this year with a senior Under 22 team that has been the first to compete in official competitions. In the coaches section there are a total of five people, even doubling the team in some cases and there is even a coach-player, a figure that still involves them more in the work of preparing the teams.

According to Rafael Mena “there is a lot of love for Basketball in Manilva and its area of ​​influence. We try to attract players in places like Casares and it is not easy, but you have to invest because there is a future with them”. During the harsh months of the pandemic and the return to the new normal, there were continuous calls from the boys and their families to see when the training would resume. As Montañez says “we have suffered more for our players than for not being able to train, but health and the conditions to be met are to the letter and everything is being taken without a major problem.”

One of the great challenges of Manilva Basket Base is to be able to field a 100% female team. At the moment it is not possible, but they appeal to girls who practice other sports and who may be interested in Basketball. “That is another problem, competing with football, paddle tennis or tennis, but we are convinced that little by little we will be gaining more basketball followers”.

By Francisco Acedo

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