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Estepona enters 2021, with a budget of 101 million and an increase in investments


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The Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, explained that “this is a budget for a new recovery”, which maintains “rigour, credibility, compliance with the regulations that are applicable, which leave no one behind and that continue to promote the economic development of the town”. Likewise, he stressed that it is a document with a marked social character, where the funding linked to aid and social programmes have been declared ‘expandable items’; that is, they will be unlimited and may be increased according to the needs that occur during the year.

Urbano has said that the government team will continue with the investments that have marked the management of the last nine years. In this way, he recalled that the Council launched an action plan after the start of the pandemic to promote economic and social recovery, which has mobilized 42 million euros so far, out of a total of 80 million that is expected to be put into circulation through municipal projects and the promotion of other initiatives.

Specifically, the items for productive investments included in the Budget grow to 16.2 million euros, the highest figure recorded in the history of the town. These are sums for the continuation of works already started, such as the new Town Hall building, which brings together municipal offices and improves service to the public; the Municipal Underground Parking Plan, which envisages advancing the work on the car parking for some 500 vehicles in the vicinity of the Plaza del Ajedrez and another on Avenida de España.

Likewise, items are incorporated for the completion and maintenance of the coastal footpath project that is linking the entire coastline; as well as for the continuity of the process of remodeling and beautification of the town centre, which has seen the renovation of more than 130 streets; the improvement of public facilities; the creation of green areas and playgrounds; the conservation and acquisition of materials for beaches and gardens and the maintenance of schools and nurseries. In addition, funds are incorporated for the execution of projects co-financed by the Eupeos Edusi funds, including the remodeling of the second phase of the central Avenida de Andalucía and the remodeling of the promenade.

Public security is reinforced with the acquisition of vehicles for the Local Police and Civil Protection; as well as the call for nine new police officers.

Regarding social investment, this financial year will be marked by special attention to social needs arising from the impact of the pandemic. For this more than six million euros are dedicated to programmes, grants and initiatives to support those who are in vulnerable situations.

In this regard, he has stressed that “no one in Estepona is going to be left behind and that it will not happen here, unlike as the central government has done, which has not given even one euro of aid to municipalities after we have been battling for more than nine months against extraordinary expenses due to this pandemic”.

On this matter, it is necessary to review an item, which may be expandable, of half a million euros for the Municipal Employment Plan; as well as the increase in the amounts for non-profit associations that provide help to the most disadvantaged, with more than 150,000 euros. Likewise, the item of social emergency aid will be unlimited, being granted to all those people who are entitled for this aid.

Likewise, allocations are increased for pioneering health programmes such as the early detection of gynecological and urological cancer (197,000 euros), the early detection and prevention of heart disease ‘Estepona, Ciudad Cardiosaludable’ (131,000 euros), financial aid for family members and the habitability fund for the repairs to properties of those with limited resources.

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