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Endesa to invest more than 6 million euros, to strengthen its electrical infrastructures in Manilva


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The Mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez and the Councillor for Infrastructure and Works, Diego José Jiménez, have held a meeting with Endesa officials on the Costa del Sol, in response to demands for improvements from the Council and the need to carry out an investment plan.

The company has presented the action plan carried out in 2020 and the improvements that the company has planned for 2021, in order to reinforce “the quality of supply in the municipality.”

Endesa has presented to the Council an Action Plan of around 1 million euros, which began this year, with an investment of 424,000 euros for the digitization of 16 transformers in Manilva in which remote controls have been installed.

Throughout 2021 Endesa will continue to digitize its distribution centres in Manilva, planning for the installation of 19 remote controls for next year, investing 700,000 euros in this process.

This measure is added to the technological reform of the electrical networks that Endesa’s technicians are carrying out in 2020 and that will continue during 2021.

This year Endesa has buried, according to the information provided, 700 metres of Low Voltage overhead cables in the Rio Manilva River, and has buried another 1,100 metres of Medium Voltage cables on the Sabinillas network.

This reinforcement of the power lines in which Endesa has invested 72,000 euros, will mean an improvement in the quality of supply for nearly 8,000 customers in the Manilva area.

Endesa’s work does not end with these actions as, over the coming year, the company will not only continue to develop its network digitization plan, but will also carry out adjustments to 10 transformers, the burying of various sections of Medium Voltage overhead lines and the construction of a new transformer substation from 66 to 22 kilovolts that will benefit more than 42,000 customers and will reinforce the supply of the entire town of Manilva.

All these actions will add up to an investment of more than € 650,000 in 2021, expanding it to more than € 6,000,000 with the entry into service of the new substation.

After learning the details of Endesa’s Investment Plan for Manilva, the local councillor and the mayor confirmed “the necessary coordination between the two entities to continue working together to improve the town’s infrastructures.”

Disponible en: | Available in: Español


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