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Casares approves a budget of more than 15 million euros for 2021


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The Council of Casares has approved the municipal accounts for  2021, with votes in favour from the IU and PSOE and the abstention of the PP.

The Mayor of Casares, Pepe Carrasco, explained that “these accounts will give continuity to the policies of innovation, job creation, public protection and promotion of public services, combined with an ambitious policy in the field of infrastructure.”

For Carrasco, “this is a budget that seeks to face and respond to the new challenges that arise in the municipality, being also prudent when taking into account the current pandemic situation we are experiencing.”

The budget totals 15,648,111 euros in the expenses section and 15,841,699 euros in the income section.

The investment section endowed with more than 2 million euros stands out in the new accounts for the 2021 financial year, to which must be added 600,000 euros of Treasury surplus, and which includes 60 infrastructure projects meeting the needs “of each one of the municipality’s urban centres”.

The Councillor for Finance, Rocío Ruiz explained that “another sector that grows in 2021 is the one destined for public services that has a budget of 5,230,439 euros that will allow the realisation of the policies destined for the population”.

The intervention of the PP of Casares, who abstained in the vote, has focused on qualifying the budget “as complicated to carry out in these difficult times”, stating despite everything that its position “is collaborative,” said its spokesman Javier Quero, who affirms that “they are not against it, but that their vote is to abstain, as they consider the budget unrealistic.

The PSOE for its part has affirmed that its intention “is to set an example and end the vision that has been had of municipal politics in Casares in recent times.”

They want to collaborate with the municipal government, said their spokesman José Antonio Pineda, since their job “does not consist in disturbing or generating tension, but in contributing to ideas and solving problems.”

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