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Andalucia maintains its perimeter closure and closes bars and restaurants at six pm


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The Andalucian Government establishes a curfew between ten at night and six in the morning to stop the advance of the pandemic and reduce the impact of the third wave

The fatal combination of the cold spell, the community transmission of a strain of coronavirus that the World Health Organization (WHO) fears is 70 percent more contagious and the relaxation of measures for the Christmas holidays has rung all the alarm bells in the Junta de Andalucía. The regional president, Juanma Moreno, announced this morning new restrictions after meeting with the committee of experts that evaluates the progress of the pandemic in the region. The Junta maintains the perimeter closure of the region of Andalucia, although it allows mobility between the eight provinces, a decision that will be reviewed “continuously”. The perimeter closure of the eight municipalities of the Campo de Gibraltar and Añora, in Córdoba, is also maintained.

The Andalucian Government re-establishes a curfew between 10 pm and 6 am and maintains the meeting limit at six people. The bars and restaurants may open until 6 pm, except for cafeterias, which may open until 8 pm. The shops can also open until 8 pm. University classes will be held online, but the school year in schools and institutes will continue to be face-to-face. These measures will come in effect from midnight this Sunday until January 25.

The rate of infections per one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last fourteen days, one of the main indicators of the progress of the disease, has shot up more than fifty points in just one week and places Andalucia at high risk, according to the agreed levels by the autonomous communities and the Ministry of Health in the programme of coordinated response actions against Covid-19. Last week the risk was medium, but the increase in positives registered in recent days has raised the rate to 203 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, close to the limit set for extreme risk, of 250 cases. Provinces like Malaga exceed this average and register up to 204 infections for every one hundred thousand people. The Junta believes that the curve will continue to rise in the coming days and specialists recall that the increase in the number of positives results in an increase in pressure on hospitals, which in Andalucia remains above a thousand patients admitted for coronavirus. “Those infected today are those hospitalized tomorrow,” observed the President.

The Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, already announced this Thursday during a visit to the Clinical Hospital of Malaga that the Junta had on the table the possibility of toughening the measures to prevent infections, as happened in November. After those restrictions, the hospital pressure dropped from the more than three thousand admissions to about eight hundred. Now there are 1,088 patients with Covid-19 in Andalucian hospitals, of which 211 are in intensive care units. It is anticipated that the new restrictions will take effect in the next two weeks, although they are fully aware that the third wave has only just begun.

The current state of alarm does not allow home confinement. The maximum limitation of freedom of movement contained in the regulations decreed by the Government is the night curfew and the possibility for autonomous communities to close their borders. The new measures adopted by the Junta in the framework of this second state of alarm coincides with the beginning of the historic vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, at half pedal until now. Most regions, Andalucia among them, have not yet administered even half of the doses received.

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    • The Junta generally reviews the measures every two weeks, so it all depends on the progress of the health emergency over the coming fortnight.


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