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93 nationalities make up the population of Manilva


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The Foreign Residents department, headed by Laura López, has collated statistics in which significant data has been published regarding the nationalities of those living in the municipality and the number of foreigners registered.

The current census of the municipality is 17,551 people, with 40.5%, that is, 7,114, being foreigners.

With respect to last year, this number in Manilva has increased from 88 to 93 nationalities, the most numerous by number of registered people:

UK: 2,801
Morocco: 854
Romania: 489
Italy: 300
Bulgaria: 165
Germany: 160
Belgium: 159
Argentina: 149
Poland: 129
Sweden: 127
France: 123
Paraguay: 120
Netherlands: 119
China: 107
Ireland: 106
Brazil: 102

As the Councillor commented: “we will continue working to facilitate the registration of people who need it since this means, in addition to regularizing their particular situations and that they can access municipal services with full guarantee, that our municipality grows and can benefit from aid and projects that are granted to municipalities with larger populations”, she pointed out.

In addition, the Foreign Residents department will continue to advise residents to obtain a residence permit and other bureaucratic procedures.

Disponible en: | Available in: Español


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